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Diamond  Paw - $200 monthly sponsorship

Gold  Paw - $50 monthly sponsorship

Saving the Hearts and Lives of Rescued Dogs

Our Bronze Paw Sponsors are the many and the mighty!  This level allows Surluna supporters to band together to make a powerful difference in the lives of many dogs.

Silver Paw - $25 monthly sponsorship

You can be a Doggy Angel!  Get your wings right here!

A monthly gift of any size is a powerful way for you to offer love and support to these pups.  Our Doggy Angels are our saviors!  You make sure our dogs are able to get the consistent support, medical care, and attention they need to thrive here with us until we find their forever home.

Monthly giving is the easiest way to support Suruluna. When you sign up to become a Doggy Angel with a monthly gift, you’re creating a reliable stream of support that allows us to focus on what we do best, saving these beautiful dogs.  

Suruluna is a 501c3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  

As a Gold Paw Sponsor, you will be the hero who provides our long term residents with all the food and medication they need.  (The love, of course is free!)

As as Silver Paw Sponsor, your monthly contribution lets us transport four of our furry friends out of danger and into a safe place every year!

Platinum Paw - $100 monthly sponsorship

As a Platinum Paw Sponsor, you will enable us to build our emergency fund for vet expenses, and directly save more dogs' lives!

Bronze Paw - $10 monthly sponsorship

As a Diamond Paw Sponsor, you become a crucial foundation for all our work.  You make it possible to save the lives of many dogs and provide them the healing and care they need to recover and thrive.