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Tattoo is a sweet and energetic young boy.  He's a Great Dane and Staffordshire mix.  He loves playing, he's very good with people, and is good with other dogs, and he is curious and very sweet with cats.  He's completely house trained.

He is very playful and also very sweet when it's time to relax. He is a little bit too strong and jumpy to be around small kids, but he has never shown any aggression to anyone -- just a lot of enthusiasm!  Tattoo loves going for walks, and he is an excellent running partner. He knows a few commands and loves to please people. His big head is almost big as his heart. Tattoo needs a person who can love him and be firm with him, but not rough and tough.  He can get very hand shy and scared if someone raise their voice, and he shrinks down to become as small as he can. Tattoo is a unique, intelligent and wonderful dog and would be a great companion for someone who wants a big, burly lover boy!


Alfredo is about 2 years old. He is very handsome, very sweet and friendly with people and playful with other dogs. He is a medium size terrier mix rescued from a local bad situation. Alfredo is a little bit shy when he first meets people and we would not recommend a home with small kids. His energy is still very puppy-like, but he is also able to enjoy some quiet time and relax like an adult.  He loves walks and running around.

He is very clean and not destructive with his toys and blankets!!


Mambo is 2 years old and is a very fun and loving dog.

He loves people and most dogs. He is super friendly and affectionate and loves being around people, and her main intent is to please you.

Mambo is young and loves walks, play time, training time and snuggling. He is a strong dog and might be better in a home with older kids because of his size.

Saving the Hearts and Lives of Rescued Dogs


If you want to feel what love is, just rest in the gaze of this beautiful girl.  Brandy is a super sweet dog who loves being around people of all ages.  She is about 9 years old, and she spent a long time in a shelter where she was showing so badly that nobody ever stopped in front of her cage, but now that she has been in a calmer environment for a little while, she has really begun to shine!  Everybody who meets her comments on how lovely she is. Her eyes are so deep and big that when she looks at you it melts your heart.  Brandy doesn't care too much for other dogs, but she loves people and she is also very gentle around cats. She is as playful as a puppy but with the calm and more mature enthusiasm of an adult dog.  She will make someone very happy with all the love that she can give.


He is the perfect dog for people who love an active dog who can also be mellow. He is very well behaved around the house and can be a couch dog when necessary.

Frankie is about 4 years old, good with most dogs, loves people and walks very well on the leash. He is affectionate, loving and lovable. He has been waiting for a good home for a while but he has never lost his good spirit.


Moonshine is a 3 year old boy. He loves attention and being around people. He is friendly with dogs and some cats.
Moonshine is very lay back and he can be around other animals but he he loves his people and he prefers theirs company to everyone else. Energetic and relaxed when needed he can entertain himself and stay alone without making it a big issue. House trained, very clean and not destructive he is very easy to transition into a new home and a become part of the new family. A sweet fun boy to have with you.


Max is about 4 years old. He is a sweet gentleman and very sporty!  He is a star at playing fetch and brings the ball right back to your feet!

Max is a little bit fearful at times and need a calm and steady environment to thrive. He is good with other dogs, cats and people.
Max is great around the house, well mannered and very willing to please you. He knows most basic commands and is very smart.
He needs someone with previous dog experience, and he would do better with a calm environment and a loving owner who would guide him and keep him safe. 


Asia is a beautiful young dog. We believe she is a mix with a Ridge Back and a Great Dane.

She loves being outside, listens very well to the people she loves and she can be a bit shy and scared at first with new people but not for long. Asia is good with most dogs and because of her size she might be better in a home with a yard to run around and maybe with older kids.

Asia is a smart and affectionate dog that only asks for love and play time.

She is crate trained, walks very well on leash and loves treats.


Brando is a very well behaved and sweet adult dog. He is about 4 years old and he loves being around the people he trust. He was abandoned in a shelter by his previous owner and now he has hard time trusting people right away, but once he does it, he relaxes and it is a joy being around him. He is good with dogs and cats. A little bit too shy for small kids, but a fun companion for any adult.

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Gaia is a 5 year-old retriever/terrier mix.  She's very sweet and loves people.  She is very good with her nose as every good retriever and she loves playing in the water.  Gaia is a strong girl who needs someone who can love her, take her for long walks, runs and  then cuddle on the bed. She is house trained and very well behaved. She gets along with some other dogs as long as they can tolerate her playfulness that is not always well mannered.

NO cats for Gaia or small kids, she is too strong and jumpy when excited. She knows some basic commands and listens very well, a loyal dog who has been in a shelter too long.


Bonnie is about 4 years old.   She comes from a very cruel situation where she was used for breeding and was then abandoned for over a month in an apartment before she was found. She had never known human love until she was rescued, but she has really started to flourish.  She is very sweet and affectionate, and just wants to stay close by those she loves.  She needs a very gentle human who can love her.

Bonnie is a sweet lady who is very low key. She walks very well on the leash. She cannot live with other dogs, but she can ignore them on the street.  She would be better living with adults only and needs a quiet home.  She would be perfect for someone who works long hours driving, because she loves riding in the car.  Bonnie loves lying in the sun, eating a few biscuits and watching a good movie on a cold night.


Havana is still a puppy.  She is only 1 year old and very well behaved for her age. She loves playing in the yard and running, playing with other dogs and being a little bit of an annoying puppy with them.

She is about 45 lbs and full grown and her eyes are of two colors, blue and brown very beautiful and unique. Havana is a lovely young girl and a lot of fun to be around.

Mama Bear

Mama Bear is a very sweet dog. She loves people and can spend hours just being around and being petted.

She loves her toys, is crate trained, well behaved and friendly with other dogs.

Mama Bear had a lot of puppies in her life and maybe that why she is so sweet and loving with everyone, like a real mom.

Mama loves walks in the woods, stepping into the stream and getting a bit wet. She is a round goofy girl with a lot of love to give.

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Preston is a sweet small terrier mix that has a lot of energy and a lot of love to share. He loves playing, running and spending time with people. He is good with some dogs and he can engage in play with them but he prefers people and being on people's lap.

Preston is young and easy to train, he is already crate trained, has not aggression at all and would be a great family dog.