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Galileo is still like a big puppy.  He is about 3 years old and very energetic and playful for his age. He loves playing in the yard and running, playing with most dogs and being a little bit of an annoying puppy with them.

He is a big boy and not always aware of his size but he is such a loyal and smart dog that you can forgive his lack of manners sometimes.

Galileo is really a stunning dog and because of his size and his strength should be in a family who had experience with big dogs and without small kids.


Brando is a very well behaved and sweet adult dog. He is about 4 years old and he loves being around the people he trusts. He was abandoned in a shelter by his previous owner, and now he has hard time trusting people right away, but once he does he relaxes, and it is a joy being around him. He is good with dogs and cats. A little bit too shy for small kids, but a fun companion for any adult.

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Saving the Hearts and Lives of Rescue Dogs

‚ÄčSaving the Hearts and Lives of Rescued Dogs


Cochise is about 3 years old. He is very handsome, very sweet and friendly with people and playful with other dogs. He is a medium size guy with a fun personality.

Cochise has a permanent limp in his front leg because of an injury when he was shot, but that doesn't stop him from playing, running and enjoying life. He is really a sweet boy who will make someone very very happy. Cochise is house broken, clean and well behaved.



Chai is a very sweet dog. He loves people and can spend hours just being around and being petted.  He is crate trained, well behaved and friendly with other dogs.

Chai is so affectionate and loving that everybody loves him for his personality. He is a big boy and not always aware of his size, a bit of a lap dog too.

Chai is really handsome and he would be better in a home with adults only and someone who is used to big dogs.

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