Saving the Hearts and Lives of Rescued Dogs


Brando is a very well behaved and sweet adult dog. He is about 4 years old and he loves being around the people he trust. He was abandoned in a shelter by his previous owner and now he has hard time trusting people right away, but once he does it, he relaxes and it is a joy being around him. He is good with dogs and cats. A little bit too shy for small kids, but a fun companion for any adult.

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Noodle is about 3 years old. He was living in a family with kids and other dogs and even though he is a bit shy at first, he is very friendly, affectionate and playful. Noodle is such a sweet boy and so well behaved around the house. He is a dog so easy to handle that would make anyone happy because of his nice personality. Noodle has a sweet way to look at people like an old soul and he doesn't ask for a lot because he is happy just to be around his people. He is crate trained and because of his shyness a quiet home would be ideal for him.


He is the perfect dog for people who love an active dog who can also be mellow. He is very well behaved around the house and can be a couch dog when necessary.

Frankie is about 4 years old, good with most dogs, loves people and walks very well on the leash. He is affectionate, loving and lovable. He has been waiting for a good home for a while but he has never lost his good spirit.

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Galileo is still like a big puppy.  He is about 3 years old and very energetic and playful for his age. He loves playing in the yard and running, playing with most dogs and being a little bit of an annoying puppy with them.

He is a big boy and not always aware of his size but he is such a loyal and smart dog that you can forgive his lack of manners sometimes.

Galileo is really a stunning dog and because of his size and his strength should be in a family who had experience with big dogs and without small kids.


Sunlight is a about 2 years old. This girl is really sweet and loves people and she is friendly with dogs but not too much with cats.
Sunlight is the love of every other dog, she can play rough, run fast and be respectful. She is crate trained, very clean and well behaved around the house and she loves being with children. This easy going girl would be a perfect family dog, playful and affectionate,

Sunlight would do great with an active family as much but she loves her quiet time and at the end the only thing she really wants is to be  loved and play.


Alfredo is about 2 years old. He is very handsome, very sweet and friendly with people and playful with other dogs. He is a medium size terrier mix rescued from a local bad situation. Alfredo is a little bit shy when he first meets people and we would not recommend a home with small kids. His energy is still very puppy-like, but he is also able to enjoy some quiet time and relax like an adult.  He loves walks and running around.

He is very clean and not destructive with his toys and blankets!!

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Cowboy is 2 years old and is a very fun and loving dog.

He loves people and most dogs. He is super friendly and affectionate and loves being around people. He loves playing with other dogs too and has been around cats. Cowboy is a big boy, a real goofy dog that is still like a puppy.

Cowboy loves walks, play time, training time and snuggling. He is a strong dog and might be better in a home with older kids because of his size.


Gaia is a 5 year-old retriever/terrier mix.  She's very sweet and loves people.  She is very good with her nose as every good retriever and she loves playing in the water.  Gaia is a strong girl who needs someone who can love her, take her for long walks, runs and  then cuddle on the bed. She is house trained and very well behaved. She gets along with some other dogs as long as they can tolerate her playfulness that is not always well mannered.

NO cats for Gaia or small kids, she is too strong and jumpy when excited. She knows some basic commands and listens very well, a loyal dog who has been in a shelter too long.


Nutmeg is about 2 years old. A little short girl full of energy and love. She is super friendly and playful and so cute looking with her big ears and her short legs.

Nutmeg is very good with other dogs too and sometimes she can be a bit too too energetic for some dogs but never aggressive. Good with people, dogs and maybe cats.

She loves walking in the woods, being around people and having her crate full of toys. Nutmeg is an adorable dog who will make you smile just looking at her.


A young dog full of energy Island is really a sweet dog. He listens and wants to please and he is looking for someone to love and to be there for him. Island was abandoned by his family when he was a puppy still and being without a home made him crave for love and attention more than other dogs. He loves people and dogs and sometimes he gets over excited when meeting new dogs so he needs a slow introduction and someone who has a bit of experience with dogs. A great walker and a playful companion, Island is one of those dogs who will always be close to his person and that  by itself will make him happy.


Chai is a very sweet dog. He loves people and can spend hours just being around and being petted.  He is crate trained, well behaved and friendly with other dogs.

Chai is so affectionate and loving that everybody loves him for his personality. He is a big boy and not always aware of his size, a bit of a lap dog too.

Chai is really handsome and he would be better in a home with adults only and someone who is used to big dogs.


Polly is about 7 years old and she lost her family who couldn't care for her anymore.

Polly is a beautiful dog, friendly, a bit shy at first but so well behaved and not demanding at all. Polly is great on the leash, great in the house but she needs to be the only the only pet because her social skills are not good with other animals.

Polly is a lovable, healthy and active adult dog who just needs someone who loves taking her for long walk and spending time with her, She already a family once, now she needs a safe place to call home.