About Us

"To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring– it was peace.“
                            ~ Milan Kundera

Saving the Hearts and Lives of Rescued Dogs


About Our Founding Dogs

Here are the dogs who led us to start Suruluna. On the left is Luna (in the red collar), our wonderful First Lady. She has such a sweet and steady disposition that she gives all the other dogs a sense of calm. She is our main ambassador to let all new dogs know they are in a safe place! She is here with two of our first rescues, Susie (sitting) and Betty (lying down). Suruluna was named for Susie and Luna as well as our cat, Rumi, who were the first three animals we rescued.

Betty joined us soon after.  Her story was almost a sad one… she was in a shelter for two years, and damaged her rear legs from jumping on the concrete floor all day.  She was on intense pain medication that was destroying her liver, and she needed knee surgery, but it couldn’t be done unless she had a home to go to, because at the shelter she would not be able to rest and recover.  The challenge of course was that this would have to be a foster family that would dedicated the time and care to rehabilitate a dog that couldn’t walk for months after surgery, and no such family turned up.  We took her, and nursed her through the months of recovery, and pretty soon Betty became a happy, playful girl who loved to go for walks in the woods and play in the yard with her foster sisters, and whose favorite place was always within two feet of whoever was around. 

About Anna

Anna Cilento and Mary Myers founded Suruluna in 2012 to create a place that dogs can be cared for and taught how to be good citizens.  They live with four wonderful rescued dogs and a cat of their own, and Anna also works with numerous organizations, focusing her time on helping them with their most challenging cases.  

Anna studied at the acclaimed Academy for Dog Trainers, founded by Jean Donaldson, and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APTD).  She has worked with the SPCA for many years, socializing rescued dogs, matching dogs with their perfect human, and following up to help adopters address behavioral issues.

She also founded a volunteer running group for shelter dogs, so they can get some exercise, socialization and FUN.  In addition to a much needed treat for the dogs and the benefit of the physical activity, the experience of running with different volunteers in the world outside the shelter helps them increase their people skills, expand their experiences, and ultimately increases their chance of finding a forever home.

About Our Facility

Suruluna is located on 86 beautiful acres in New York State.  In 2013, we purchased 7 acres of land to create our first sanctuary, and in 2020 we were able to expand to our new location, where we provide a healing place for dogs that are awaiting adoption and also a home for dogs considered unadoptable who would otherwise be killed. Our new facility has allowed us to extend more services to more dogs. The property include fenced areas for play and classes, and beautiful wooded trails for walking.  For more information, visit our Dog Village page.