The Dog Village​​

Beautiful, peaceful surroundings will create a true Sanctuary space, for the healing and wellbeing of all our dogs.

We will build a Dog Village to create a unique home-like environment for dogs who have been forgotten or left behind.

We are committed to creating an environment where all the dogs can thrive, whether they are long-term residents, or are only with us for a short while before they find their forever homes.


Suruluna Animal Rescue has teamed up with The H.E.A.L. Foundation (Humanity, Empathy, Animal Love) to create a brand new sanctuary on 86 gorgeous acres.  

Special separate kennels will allow us to create safe areas for new arrivals as well as dogs who are sick or need extra medical attention.

Here, Sidewalk is being fitted for her special Quad Wheelchair, so she can run around like any other dog!

The indoor spaces will house dogs singly or in groups, depending on their needs, and have places for volunteers to spend snuggle and play time with their four-legged friends.

Miles of beautiful walking trails, special play areas, and the serenity of the countryside will create a peaceful and joyful life for all our dogs.

Special dogs like Wonder, who is almost blind, and Sidewalk, who has neurological damage, will have the opportunity to have the most joyful and free life possible in a place they can call home. 

Saving the Hearts and Lives of Rescued Dogs